Due to a css update, the servers crash at half time. Therefor, they have been put offline until the plugin gets edited to work with this update. Since I currently have no time to do this, it will be somewhere by the end of next week, at the earliest.
Thanks for your understanding, and see you soon ;)

Welcome to Surf-Mixes.com

Surf Mixes is a brand new website offering a fast, easy way to find a mix on CSS Surf maps. Currently we have 3 servers(*) each running 24 hours a day with our unique plugin. The system is brand new so if you encounter a problem or need support please post on our forums at www.surf-mixes.com/forum

Getting Started

Step 1) Make an account
Step 2) Check your emails for an activation link
Step 3) Click Play Now, choose a lobby that has room or is empty
Step 4) If you are the first there, you can choose the map, number of players and max rounds.

Once all players are on the server the game will start and end automatically. You will play the number of rounds set by the first player on both T and CT side. The team that gets a score higher than the 'max rounds' wins. On equal scores, the result will be a 'draw'.

Have Fun!

Flame and ePix.'


  • 31/01/2011
    Added spectate button
  • 30/01/2011
    Live scores in lobby view
  • 28/01/2011
    Site is online!
  • 27/01/2011
    Added mix overview
  • 24/01/2011
    Added per-mix stats
  • 20/01/2011
    Server plugin ALPHA

Coming soon:
- Disconnect punishment (wait 20 - 45 minutes)
- Rank system for global stats
- Map images
(*) Servers hosted by eQualized-clan.be