Due to a css update, the servers crash at half time. Therefor, they have been put offline until the plugin gets edited to work with this update. Since I currently have no time to do this, it will be somewhere by the end of next week, at the earliest.
Thanks for your understanding, and see you soon ;)

Server overview

ID Info Map Status Score Players
1 SURF-MIXES 1 - 100 Tick - Any OFFLINE 0 - 0 - / - N/A
2 SURF-MIXES 2 - 100 Tick - Any OFFLINE 0 - 0 - / - N/A
3 SURF-MIXES 3 - 100 Tick - Any OFFLINE 0 - 0 - / - N/A

You have max. 1 minute to set up a mix. This is because the server itself will check the status every minute.
If you are unlucky, the page will 'time out'. Don't worry, you can easily retry.

After a mix is set up, others are able to join. Remember that players who joined the lobby must join the server within 5 minutes.
Otherwise, they are kicked from the lobby. When all players are connected, the mix will start.
This page will auto-refresh in X seconds.